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We are a non-profit organisation in India that works towards supporting underprivileged children reach their full potential - physical, mental as well as emotional.

Now, at Joy Of Giving Foundation anyone can raise fund through our crowdfunding platform for

  • Urgently needed funds
  • Funds required for treatments
  • to raise funds from donors and well wishers


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We have raised fund for any medical treatment , education and building back societies in the natural disaster part of the country.
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Raised: ₹7,900

Goal: ₹120,000

Help 68 year old Mrs Badami to fight Gall Bladder Cancer!!!

Patient name Mrs Badami ,age 68 years is currently battling CA Gall Bladder

Raised: ₹17,250

Goal: ₹100,000

Help Farida To Fight Stomach Cancer !!!

Patient Farida Khatun, age 35 years has been fighting Cancer relentlessly.

Raised: ₹0

Goal: ₹420,000

Sanitation And Hygiene

Works towards supporting underprivileged people

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